Facial Cleansing Brushes You Can Buy at a Donki Store in Japan

Are you in Japan right now, but you forgot your facial cleansing brush? Head over to a Donki store near you and go straight to the beauty section. There, you’ll find a variety of brushes to choose from.

On our recent trip to Japan, we were able to drop by Donki Shibuya and check out what’s available. We found that Donki offers two types of brushes – the battery-operated ones and the manual type. We spotted two famous brands, but since we can’t read Japanese characters, maybe the rest are also good ones.

Here are some images we took.

Braun Facial Cleansing Brush

Seeing this Braun facial cleansing system felt refreshing, considering that almost everything we saw was in Japanese characters.

We’ve featured this brush before , and it’s one of the few on the market that serve two purposes. Aside from being a cleansing brush, this product also has an epilator feature.

Braun Facial Cleansing Brush

CosBeauty Facial Brush

The CosBeauty facial brush is obviously a Clarisonic-lookalike. According to its sales page, this product has 3 adjustable speeds with a T-timer.

The T-timer is a unique feature. With it, you’re sure to clean each of the parts of your T-zone, from forehead to nose and chin.

Cleansing Brush Donki

CoCoRoMaKe Facial Brush

This made-in-Japan brush has a rather unique name. It has two brush heads, and as you can see, it’s small enough to be carried anywhere you go.

Cleansing Brush in Japan

Panasonic EH-XC10-N Micro-Foaming Facial Cleansing Brush

Aesthetics-wise, Panasonic doesn’t disappoint with the EH-XC10-N brush. Not only is this product equipped with a patented micro-foaming technology, but it also has one feature that ladies will definitely love – a warming makeup removal plate. That means when you use this product – at least theoretically – it gives off gentle heat that can help loosen and eventually remove makeup.

Cleansing Brush Panasonic Japan

Koizumi Face Wash Brush

This battery-operated facial brush weighs approximately 106 grams. There are smaller products than this, but when it comes to portability, the Koizumi Face Wash Brush can fit right into your suitcase with ease.

Face Wash Brush

KQ3220 Electric Face-Wash Brush

This brush looks like the Acevivi brush, except that it only comes with two brush heads – one is a small brush and the other is an equally small face sponge.

Facial Cleanser Japan

Manual-Type Facial Brushes

If you don’t have the budge to buy any of the above-stated battery-operated products, you can choose from these three brands of manual exfoliating and facial cleansing brushes.

Skin Cleansing System

Skin Facial Cleansing System

Facial Cleansing Brush Japan