Microdermabrasion Machine Reviews

Microderm GLO Review – Nuvéderm Microderm Device

Just how effective the Microderm GLO is? It sure looks like one solidly built handheld device, but does it deliver the promised results? In this Microderm GLO review, we’re going to give you our report on this diamond microdermabrasion sytem by Nuvederm.

From Nuvederm’s official website, the Microderm GLO has trademarked and patented features, which clearly are impressive especially for a user who is looking at it for the first time. But don’t click on the purchase button just yet until after you’ve read this whole post.

Top Features and Specs of the Microderm Glo by Nuvederm

Here’s a quick rundown of Microderm GLO’s top features.

Tear- or water-drop design

This design is one-of-a-kind, for sure. According to Nuvederm, Microderm GLO was designed this way by former Apple designers to give consumers a pleasant and ergonomic experience, specifically in providing users maximum control of the device during their at-home microdermabrasion treatments.

Patented Diamond Density Dispersion system

The Microderm GLO uses a light abrasion process that gently removes the outer layer of your facial skin to promote the growth of new ones.

The massaging and sucking actions of the machine also provide a dual-action mechanism in that it increases blood flow to promote rebuilding of collagen and elastin.

On-screen guide

The on-screen guide displays the settings you chose for your treament. But as previously mentioned, when you set it at Auto Mode, it’s almost automatically set at 4 minutes.

Two tips

This handheld device comes with two tips.

One, there’s a medical-grade diamond tip for a purely physical and non-invasive microderm treatment. Second, there’s also a massage tip for stimulating the skin through a massaging action.

4 minutes

It only takes 4 minutes to complete a once-a-week microdermabrasion process.

You can choose between two modes – Auto Mode and Manual Mode. If you choose the Auto Mode, the machine’s timer is automatically set at 4 minutes. A beep alerts you when it’s time to move on to the next area (cheeks, nasal side, jaw, forehead, around the eyes, and neck).

The Manual Mode is for self-guided treatments. If you choose this option, note that there is no timer countdown.

Suction levels

There are three levels to choose from. According to the sellers, the highest setting has a suction power of 22 in/hg.

Microderm GLO Review – FAQ’s About the Microderm GLO

What can you find in the box?

The system comes with the following parts and accessories:

  • Microderm GLO Rechargeable Machine
  • Diamond Tip
  • Massage / Circulation Tip
  • (20) Filter Replacement Pack
  • Replacement Gaskets
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Charging Base
  • Quick Plug Charging Adapter
  • Portable Carry Pouch
  • User Guide

How long should I replace the tips? Are they sold separately?

As mentioned by the sellers, the diamond tip can last about 6 to 9 months if you use it regularly. That is, 2 to 3 times a week. If you need another Microderm GLO diamond tip, check it out here.

Microderm GLO Review – How Did it Fare Among Consumers?

To complete this Microderm GLO review, we went through comments and feedback posted on a popular online retailer. As summarized below, here’s what users who previously bought a unit have said.

On scars…

We echo what the sellers have said. They honestly advised everyone to “kindly set your expectations accordingly” when it comes to scars.

They did, however, say that many users have experienced an improvement in their scars with continued use. One user can attest to this. She said that her red scabs started to fade.

On acne and acne scars…

Some parents have reported that their teenage children’s acne have cleared up over time. Also, one user said that her recurring pimples have disappeared.

On other skin imperfections…

In general, the consensus is that the Microderm GLO works on providing you with smooth and soft skin.

Aside from that, some of the improvements are reported on the following imperfections: undereye bags, crows feet, mouth lines, large pores.

Note that while this unit has not 100% removed all these imperfections, users said they’ve seen a difference.

About the unit itself…

Here are some of the good and not-so-good comments about the Microderm GLO.

– It’s easy to use.
– Suction is powerful.
– Battery lasts long.

One user said that the nozzle has difficulty reaching the nose areas because the nozzle “lacks flexibility.”

Bruises were also reported. One person said that her bruises did not go away after a day. Just a note, the redness should subside within 36 hours. If you notice too much redness on your part, you might want to lower the suction level.

One person said that the product is “a little fat” which makes it not easy to hold.

Read all consumer feedback and comments here…