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TAO Clean Facial Brush Review – Yay or Nay?

A beauty Youtuber described the TAO clean aura brush as a Star Wars character-lookalike, and we just can’t stop laughing at the hilarious comparison. We agree, this facial brush is indeed one odd-looking fellow!

But behind that weird exterior lies something incredible, something that you’ll definitely love, something that even Clarisonic can’t give. Here’s our TAO clean facial brush review.

What Makes the TAO Clean Different from the Competition?

Let’s start with the basics.

The TAO aura cleansing system is not a sonic brush. In simple terms, unlike Clarisonic or Foreo Luna that gives off multi-vibrations, the TAO brush spins. It has two speed settings to choose from – Super and Sensitive clean modes – and to make sure you don’t overdo the cleansing process, this facial brush follows a 20-second spinning cycle. After 20 seconds, it pauses, which to you is a signal to move ahead and cover another area of your face.

Now… here’s the TAO aura brush’s unique and most exciting feature.

True, the TAO Clean facial brush looks like it’s from outer space, but its base (or sometimes called “pod” by other people) serves three functions.

One, it acts as a charger, keeping the handle fully charged for your next use. Next, it serves as a cleaning station equipped with UV to make sure that the brush heads are germ-free. Every time you put in the brush, the UV cleaning station automatically runs to eliminate all the bacteria that have gotten their way into the unit.

As if that’s not impressive enough, the station is also a built-in brush dryer. So while sanitizing and charging your brush handle, it’s also whisking away moisture so that the next time you use it, you’re ensure of germ-free and moisture-free brush heads.

Speaking of brush heads, you have two interchangeable options to choose from – an everyday brush (with softer bristles) and an exfoliating brush (coarser brush).

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VIDEO: How to Properly Use the TAO Clean Facial Brush

This video demonstrates how you should use the TAO Clean Aura Clean facial brush.

TAO Clean Facial Brush Review – What Consumers Say About Their Unit

We’ve gone through comments and feedback posted on a popular online retailer, as well as watched and listened to what beauty vloggers say about their experience with the TAO Aura Clean System.

As summarized below for this TAO Clean facial brush review, here’s what we found out.

First, even at first glance, you know that the manufacturers have put in a lot of effort into the product. The beautiful, properly labeled box makes a truly good impression, which is supported by the solidly built unit inside.

Even the brush heads have their own transparent “clam case,” and the instruction manual comes with all the information you need to know.

Taken out of the box, the TAO clean system is easy to use. Just snap the brush head of your choice into place, and turn on the button to start the operation.

The company says the TAO Clean is the “world’s cleanest.” Do consumers agree?

We have yet to see a buyer who has gone out of his way to independently and objectively test this claim, but perhaps the closest we could find is a video of a dermatologist/cosmetic surgeon named Dr. Shlessinger. In this video, Dr. Shlessinger has included the TAO Clean in his list of “top at-home skin care devices,” and one of his reasons is that the device has UV rays that cleanses the bristles of the brush.

Is it convenient for traveling? There are other alternatives that are more compact, but according to this beauty vlogger, she has taken it out of town and she says it was “super convenient.” The TAO Aura Clean System is “really small,” “super compact” and “I can literally sit it down in the shower and have it ready to go when I wanted to use it.”

How about its performance on your skin? The general consensus is that it does deliver its promised results of improved quality and texture of the skin. And in combination with other products, the TAO Clean facial brush can help reduce pigmentation and help give the skin a nice glow.

Are there complaints? Just like any product out there, there are people who are not impressed with the TAO Aura Clean System. For instance, one user said the bristles on her unit easily fell off. Another said she doesn’t like that it spins continuously instead of a back-and-forth motion. One user said it splashes cleansing cream when it’s on.

Last, the TAO Clean facial brush has an awesome customer service on stand-by. There have been consumers who said they were given a replacement after they have reported that their unit is defective (or has stopped working after only a few months).

Our Recommendation

There’s not much to say. To end this TAO clean facial brush review, we say get one for yourself. Not only does the TAO Aura Clean System deliver, but the manufacturers also has an awesome customer service in case something goes wrong.

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