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Proactiv Deep Cleansing Brush Review (PDCB-360)

Proactiv – the company behind the super-hyped 3-step acne treatment program “that started a skincare revolution” – has introduced its own cleansing brush. No surprise there. We thought it was only a matter of time before they had one.

If you take a look at this page on Proactiv’s official website, the brush is offered as a gift if you purchase one of their 3-step acne-treatment products. But, know that the brush can also be ordered separately.

As advertised, the brush was “designed specifically for acne-prone skin.” It is equipped with soft, tapered bristles that go deep into the layers for a gentle, irritation-free sweep.

But does it work? Here, we’re giving you our Proactiv deep cleansing brush review.

Proactiv Deep Cleansing Brush – Here’s What to Expect

First off, the Proactiv deluxe cleansing brush has a very simple and straightforward design.

Battery-operated, requiring 2 AA batteries, it doesn’t come with a fancy inductive charging dock unlike the Okachi Gliya OG-7635 or the Aigerek ViVA cleansing brush.

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It’s not a sonic brush either, so if you’re looking for a Clarisonic alternative, this unit is not the one. In the middle section, you’ll find a grey button that you may have to press a few times to vary the speed (low and high) or to turn it off.

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Can it be used in the shower?

Proactiv has categorically said that this brush is water-resistant and should not be immersed in water.

How tall is this brush?

As advertised, it’s 6.0 inches or 15 cm in height. For this alone, it can be a nice tag-along cleansing brush for travelers.

A Note on Proactiv Deep Cleansing Brush Replacement Heads

Just as you can choose between two speeds, you can also choose between two brush heads – silicone and bristles. Choose the bristles for a gentle clean, and the silicone if you want a deep clean.

Note, however, that when you receive your package, you’ll be issued a bristle head. A Proactiv deep cleansing brush silicone head can be purchased separately.

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VIDEO: Proactiv Deep Cleansing Brush Instructions

Here’s a video to act as your guide.


Proactiv Deep Cleansing Brush Review – Is it Worth it?

How did it fare among consumers? Here’s our report.

Sure, this brush is easy to operate, but you may not find the unit to be as powerful as you expected. Many buyers have described the motor to be “weak,” which is probably the biggest turn-off about this product. Some say that the brush stops when pressure is applied.

The negative comments don’t stop there. Several buyers felt this brush is a “bit overpriced,” and it appears that it has durability issues. There have been consumers who reported that their unit died on them (or slowed down) only after a few months.

Now… for the biggest question. Does the Proactiv deluxe cleansing brush work for acne-prone skin?

Some parents have purchased this product for their teenage kids. The general consensus is that the Proactiv deluxe cleansing brush has helped improve acne breakouts and helped with blemishes for a much healthier-looking skin.

Here’s the takeaway…

The Proactiv brush works when it works. But in this Proactiv deep cleansing brush review, it’s hard for us to recommend it given the fact that the negative feedback it has received from buyers outweigh the positives.

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Aside from the deluxe brush for the face, there is a Proactiv deep cleansing body brush. It is 16 inches (41 cm) long, and it’s built to help you clean hard-to-reach parts of the body.

It comes with a silicone brush head that you can remove anytime. It can also be used with treatment pads.