Facial Cleansing Brush Reviews

LumaRx Facial Cleansing Brush Review

LumaRX is known for its IPL hair removal systems, but aren’t you glad that the company has extended its product line to include a facial cleansing brush?

At first glance, the LumaRX facial cleansing brush looks a lot like the Remington FC1000NA. They’re both have a slim and tall design, and they basically have the same features.

Here, we’re giving you our LumaRX facial cleansing brush review.

Features and Specs of the LumaRX Facial Brush

As previously mentioned, the LumaRX facial brush comes with a slender handle, which makes it one of the slimmest cleansing systems out there.

Dual-action brush heads

The brush heads are able to vibrate and rotate at the same time, a dual-action mechanism that effectively removes all the dirt particles trapped in your pores.

Also, unlike your fingertips, the brush’s bristles are small enough to get deep into your skin to get rid of those unwanted and hard-to-reach residues.

One minute timer

This brush’s 1-minute pulsing timer ensures that you don’t over-do the cleaning process. It pulsates every 20 seconds to tell you to move on to another area, thereby eliminating the guesswork.


Yup, the LumaRX is waterproof. This is good news for people who love to do use their facial brush in the shower.

3 speed settings and LED lights

Is your skin sensitive? No problem! You can choose among LumaRX facial brush’s 3 speed settings for a customized cleansing experience.

Be guided by the LED indicator lights, which add a nice touch.

Multiple brush heads

You’ll get three brush attachments. One is for normal skin, another is for sensitive skin, and the last attachment is for your facial massages.

LumaRX Facial Cleansing Brush Review: What Consumers Say About their Unit

First, travelers would love to bring the LumaRX facial brush with them because of at least two reasons.

Number one, it comes with its own travel bag that can house everything, from the brush itself up to the charging base, which is also small and compact. Two, the brush heads have their own cap, which serves to protect and keep the bristles intact. We all know what happens to your luggage when you’re on the road.

Can you really use it in the shower without any problems?

Yes, according to at least two users. Still, you shouldn’t be too complacent. Don’t immerse it in water.

One user especially loves the brush heads because the bristles are “so soft.” This is good news especially for people who have sensitive skin.

How about the results?

While some users have given positive comments as regards this facial brush’s performance on their skin, others don’t agree. For instance, a Clarisonic user said the brush is “okay but doesn’t seem to clean as well as the Clarisonic.”

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