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Clinique Sonic System Cleansing Brush, Is It Worth the Price?

With the exception of a few such as the Clarisonic Mia 1, many of the facial brushes we have featured on this site do not use sonic technology. That’s why if you’re looking particularly for a sonic cleansing brush, you’ll have to pay attention to details. Just because the word “sonic” appears on the product doesn’t mean it really is a sonic facial brush.

Fortunately for you, the Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush is truly a sonic face brush. As you will soon see, this beauty tool is packed with impressive features. But the question is…does it deliver? Here, we help you analyze whether or not this cleansing brush warrants your attention.

Just How Impressive are the Features?

First, there is Swiss engineering involved. As advertised, the Sonic System Purifying Brush from Clinique has been carefully “shaped for targeting cleansing.” So if you think this brush looks ordinary, there is actually a scientific basis for that.

Unlike most brushes, the Clinique sonic brush has a unique tilted head that reaches deep into problem areas such as the T-zone (forehead, chin, and nose). Also, you’ll notice that the bristles are divided into two sections. One part is green, and the other is white. The white part is softer and longer, while the green part is shorter and a little rougher. This design makes it easier to get around the contours of hard-to-reach areas.

Aside from that, this product also boasts an ergonomic handle. It’s also waterproof so you can use it in the shower or tub without fear of damaging it.

Another feature that may impress you is this product comes with antibacterial technology. Many users complain about molds growing in their brushes, so this antibac feature is a nice add-on.

This product is also lightweight and compact, so you can easily take it anywhere.

It’s also worth noting that this product comes with a charging station that also acts as a stand when not in use.

Does the Clinique Sonic Brush Deliver?

Here’s what users have to say about their Clinique Sonic Brush.

First, this product works when it works. For instance, one person who has dry skin said this brush has helped in achieving smooth, soft, and radiant skin. Also, this product appears to help in minimizing blackheads and pimples, although according to one user, the type of cleanser you use can also have a say in the outcome.

With its lightweight and compact design, it is easy to travel with.

However, the Clinique Sonic Brush is quite pricey, and that includes even the replacement head.

As for the design and functionality, users have observed that the head doesn’t rotate. It just vibrates. Also, it appears that the product has a problem with the charge / battery. After a few months of usage, it would no longer charge.

VIDEO: Demo and Review of the Clinique Purifying Cleansing Brush

Youtube user Dulce Candy gives us a demo of the product and her review. Watch it below. Based on the video, here’s what you’ll get when you unbox your package: a pamphlet, your cleansing brush, and a charging station.