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TAO Clean vs Clarisonic, Inevitable Face Brush Comparison

TAO Clean vs ClarisonicTAO Clean vs Clarisonic… For years, Clarisonic dominated the market for its tried-and-tested line of sonic facial brushes. But when the competition kept up, consumers got curious about what these alternatives have to offer.

Take the TAO Aura Clean System, for instance. One look at it, and you know that the creators know how to make an impression. It’s weird on the outside, but scratch beneath the surface and you’ll see that even Clarisonic doesn’t have what it has on the inside.

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But does this mean that you should go on ahead and ditch your Clarisonic in favor of this newcomer with a Star Wars-like design? Not quite yet, at least until you read this TAO Clean vs Clarisonic comparison.

Main Differences & Similarities Between the TAO Clean and Clarisonic

What does the TAO Clean have that the Clarisonic doesn’t? Similarly, what feature does the Clarisonic have that’s missing in the TAO Clean? And what do they have in common?

Multi-purpose cleaning base

This is what everyone’s been raving about the TAO Clean Aura Clean system since it came out. This is the biggest clincher to many people because the TAO Clean’s base has a 4-in-1 design. (See image on the right.)

First, it serves as a storage stand. Second, it acts as a charger. Third, it’s a built-in dryer. Fourth, it’s a sanitizer. When you put in the brush head, the base automatically runs to dry, charge, and eliminate bacteria from the brush heads.

Clarisonic, in general, doesn’t have this feature. Sure, the Mia 3 (or Aria) has a drying stand, but the company has discontinued this product. Besides, the stand doesn’t have a built-in dryer.

And while Mia Fit and Alpha Fit have a charging dock, the purpose is solely just to charge.

Inductive charging

Both Mia Fit and TAO Clean have a USB charging station, and the units charge inductively.

Shape / Design

As a whole, TAO Clean system looks like it came from outer space. But the handle alone is small and circular, which was once compared to a tennis ball.

Clarisonic face brushes, on the other hand, have a different shape. Both Fit’s (Mia and Alpha) are small and capsule-like, and Mia 1 and 2 have the more traditional design – a curvaceous handle with a bulky head.

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TAO Clean vs Clarisonic Comparison Chart

Facial Brush TAO Clean Clarisonic Mia Fit
Working Mechanism Rotating motion Oscillating motion
You’ll Love… The base station, which serves as a charger, storage dock, built-in dryer, and sanitizer Multiple brush heads targeting different skin types (e.g., sensitive skin, with enlarged pores, etc.) (see them all here)
Purging Phase? Doesn’t seem to have one Yes
Timer 1 minute, 20-seconds interval 1-minute T-timer
Inductive charging? Yes Yes
Waterproof? Yes, shower-ready Yes, shower-ready
Speeds 2 – super clean and sensitive clean modes 2 – delicate and universal
Brush Heads Included in the Kit 2 – Daily Care and Exfoliator 1 – Radiance brush head
Brush Head Case Clam case None

Which is Better? Here’s Our Recommendation

One beauty vlogger shared her observation about the Mia Fit and TAO Aura Clean, which is crucial to what product we’re going to recommend.

In her video, she said that with the Clarisonic, she experienced a purging phase. This happened during the first few weeks of using the device, in which her skin was “ridiculously broken out.” With the TAO Aura Clean, she didn’t have the same experience.

She also mentioned that her Clarisonic Mia Fit‘s brush heads never seem to get dry. For some people, they need to wash the brush head before usage to ensure that it’s clean.

This is the complete opposite with the Aura Clean. Since it comes out dry and sanitized, you can jump right in and use it without having to worry about the bacteria that have built up.

Here’s our recommendation.

If you’re looking for a cleansing brush that you can travel with hassle-free, then Mia Fit is the better choice just because it’s smaller and it’s more compact.

But when you’re at home, switch to the TAO Clean Aura Clean.

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