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Soniclear vs Clarisonic, Battle of the Sonic Facial Brushes

Soniclear and Clarisonic are perhaps the biggest names in sonic cleansing brushes today. They’re packed with features, they have a solid following, and they seem to be the most well-built. In this Soniclear vs Clarisonic report, we’ll give you their similarities and differences.

Clarisonic vs SoniclearFirst, some quick notes about the two cleansing systems. Clarisonic brushes are the brainchild of a Washington-based company called Pacific Bioscience Laboratories, Inc., which was later bought by L’Oreal. According to their website, the sonic brush was invented in 2004 and since then, the company has sold “over 10 million of its patented design.”

The Clarisonic line of facial brushes consists of several models, which include the following: Mia 1, Mia 2, Mia 3 or Aria, Mia Fit, Alpha Fit, SMART Profile, and Plus. Aside from these devices, Clarisonic also sells skin care products for both men and women.

The Soniclear, on the other hand, is the product of cosmetics company Michael Todd. According to their website, the company started with the idea of using natural ingredients to “deliver extraordinary results.”

The Soniclear is marketed under three products – Petite, Elite, and Elite Deluxe. The differences are shown here. As advertised, these brushes are the “world’s first antimicrobial sonic cleansing system.” Another unique feature these brushes have (except Petite) is the C-Boost Technology, which stimulates collagen and elastin production.

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Comparison Chart: Soniclear vs Clarisonic

In the chart below, we give you a side-by-side comparison of Soniclear and Clarisonic enabling you to easily see their differences.

 Brand  Soniclear  Clarisonic

 Working Mode Sonic Technology Sonic Technology
 Country of Origin USA USA
 Models Available Petite, Elite, Elite Deluxe, and Elite for Men Mia 1, Mia 2, Mia 3 (Aria), Mia Fit, Alpha Fit (Men), SMART Profile, Plus,
 Colors  plain and patterns; Petite – 4; Elite – 6; Elite Deluxe – 8  plains only; Mia 1 – 5; Mia 2 – at least 3; Mia Fit – 3; Mia 3 – 3; Alpha Fit – 1; SMART Profile – 1; Plus – 3
 Speed Settings  Petite – 3; Elite – 6; Elite Deluxe – 6 Mia 1 – 1; Mia 2 – 2, Mia Fit – 2; Mia 3 – 3; Alpha Fit – 2; SMART Profile – 4; Plus – 3
 Timer  Yes  Yes
 Inductive Charging  Yes  Yes
 Brush Life Months  6 months 3 months
 Warranty  Petite – 3 yrs; Elite – 5 yrs; Elite Deluxe – 5 yrs Mia 1 – 1 yr; Mia 2 – 2 yrs, Mia Fit – 2 yrs; Mia 3 – 3 yrs; Alpha Fit – 2 yrs; SMART Profile – 3 yrs; Plus – 2 yrs
 Unique Features  LIFE Antimicrobial Product Protection, C-Boost Collagen Technology  SMART Technology for SMART Profile
 Cradle  Yes Mia 1 – no; Mia 2 – no, Mia Fit – no; Mia 3 – yes; Alpha Fit – no; SMART Profile – no; Plus – yes
 Brush Heads Petite – face only; Elite – face and body; Elite Deluxe – face and body Mia 1 – sensitive; Mia 2 – radiance and sensitive, Mia Fit – radiance; Mia 3 – sensitive; Alpha Fit – men’s daily cleanse; SMART Profile – dynamic facial & turbo body; Plus – sensitive and body
 Other Accessories Included Petite – non; Elite – none; Elite Deluxe –  pedi treatment head, extension handle, travel case, shower caddy  Mia 1 – none; Mia 2 – travel case, Mia Fit – none; Mia 3 – none; Alpha Fit – none; SMART Profile – wall adapter; Plus – body brush extension handle

VIDEO: Soniclear vs Clarisonic

Thanks to Gena M, we can see in full detail where the Soniclear and Clarisonic are different. She first shows us what’s inside the box, then puts the brushes and the heads side by side to reveal the difference in size. Then she proceeds to talk about other features. She also reveals her choice. Watch.