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Clarisonic Mia Smart vs Smart Profile Uplift

Clarisonic Mia Smart vs Smart Profile Uplift

Clarisonic Mia Smart vs Smart Profile Uplift… At the core of these devices is, of course, the sonic technology that the brand is known for. The brushes don’t rotate, and instead they vibrate.

But aside from getting rid of all those gunk lodged deep into your skin, these Clarisonic products also target the signs of aging with the anti-aging applicator.

What’s the difference between these two beauty tools? Find out in this comparison report.

Comparison Chart: Clarisonic Mia Smart vs Smart Profile Uplift

Clarisonic Device
Model Check Price » Mia Smart Check Price » Smart Profile Uplift
Cleansing Speeds 2 4
Massage Levels 3
Body Modes 3
Smart Mode
Turbo Mode
Attachment Replacement Indicator
T-Timer 60 seconds 60 and 80 seconds
Charging System Charging Stand pLink
Connects to Clarisonic App
Battery Life Per Charge 100 minutes 128 minutes

Key Differences

Here’s a list of these Clarisonic products’ key differences.


When it comes to design, the Mia Smart is a one-button device, but it obviously has a sleeker look. The button allows you to turn the device on or off, and to choose among 2 cleansing speeds/modes or choose Smart mode.

Although the Smart Profile Uplift is not as sleek as the Mia Smart, it has a control panel with 3 buttons. These buttons allow you to make adjustment on the available modes it offers – massage levels, Smart mode, cleansing speeds, and Turbo mode.

Charging System

Both of these beauty tools charge inductively, but the Mia Smart comes with a charging stand while the Smart Profile Uplift uses the pLink charger. The charging head attaches to the Uplift magnetically.


Based on the chart presented above, the Smart Profile Uplift has more features to offer than the Mia Smart. It has more cleansing speeds, it has a Turbo mode, it has an 80-second T-timer, and it has a longer battery time. The only thing that it can’t do that the Mia Smart can is the ability to connect to the Clarisonic app.

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Our Final Word: Clarisonic Mia Smart vs Smart Profile Uplift

When it comes to features, there’s no doubt that the Smart Profile Uplift offers more. But it comes with a hefty price tag. If budget isn’t a problem, then choose this. If it is, then go for the Mia Smart.