Foreo Luna Dupes that Make Your Wallet Happy

Okay, so it’s already been established that Foreo Luna is one of the best (if not the best) silicone-based cleansing systems out there. It’s the alternative to the Clarisonic and the Soniclear, perfect for people who are looking for a non-bristled option.

But here’s the expensive truth – the Foreo Luna has a hefty price tag. So unless you mind shelling out some money, go ahead and get yourself one. On a side note, there are a few models to choose from, including one that’s designed especially for men. Check out our Foreo Luna buying guide here.

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What Are Your Skincare Product Essentials when Traveling?

Constant travelers like me know this very well. Because of baggage weight restrictions, packing should be a smart effort. The rules you’ve heard countless times hold true – pack light, and take only what’s necessary.

The word “necessary” is of course subjective, depending on who’s traveling. So if you ask me what my travel essentials are, they definitely absolutely include my skincare products. I’m not blessed with good skin, so it’s a bad idea to skip anything in my regimen.

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Conair True Glow Sonic Facial Brush SFBAM Review

So…you’ve heard about the True Glow from Conair. Advertised as a “Sonic Skincare Solution for professional results,” it features 4 interchangeable brush heads targeting both the face and the body – 2 for the face, 2 for the body. And if you like pink, you’ll be happy to know that the True Glow comes in two pink colors, a light pink and “Breast Cancer Awareness” pink.

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Facial Brushes with a Drying or Storage Stand

When choosing a beauty product or tool, one of our requirements is ease of storage. We have very limited space, so we want something that can sit or stand vertically (and be stable doing that) on our countertop. If that’s not possible, the product should at least have a storage pouch so we can neatly put it aside when not in use.

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KEDSUM Sonic Face Cleansing Brush Product Report

One look at the KEDSUM face cleansing brush and you’d instantly recognize its resemblance with the Clarisonic. From the brush head to the curvy handle, not to mention the magnetic charger, you know you’ve seen it before. But only this time, it’s a different brand.

Yes, the KEDSUM face cleansing brush is a Clarisonic dupe. It comes with 2 speed settings (just like the Mia 2), it comes with an inductive charger (just like Clarisonic’s pLink charger), and it vibrates with sonic power. But since it’s a dupe, it has a much lower price tag.

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Has the Derma Roller Caught on You Yet?

There’s another beauty tool that’s keeping everyone on their feet lately. It’s called a Dermaroller, and it’s supposed to make your wrinkles, lines, stretch marks, and acne scars go away — or at least minimize them.

In this article, we give you the basics of these tiny handheld devices. Are they painful? If so, are they worth it? We’ll talk about proper usage, how often should you use it, and which needle size is for beginners.

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